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Cariitti Oy

creates unique experiences in light.

The company, manufacturing designer lights, was established under the name of Valaisinpaja in 1967. After an acquisition in 1998 the company became known as Cariitti Oy. Cariitti Oy is a family owned company based in Espoo near Helsinki, Finland.

Cariitti LED lights, fibre optic lighting systems and projectors are on top of the market. Cariitti’s product development is focused on designing functional and high-class products and services. The product selection consists of standard stock items and individually designed and custom-made lighting solutions. The products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

In material selection environmental aspects are considered and all recyclable waste is being recycled.

In 2008 Cariitti was granted the Key Flag Symbol as a proof of the Finnish origin of its products and services. To a consumer the Key Flag Symbol is a mark of high quality, safety and social responsibility.