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Lighting and well-being

We need light not only to see but also to look at, as light has a complex impact on human beings through the eyes. Light has always been significant to human beings, much more than just for seeing better. Light is magic. Nothing else changes the atmosphere in a room the way light does. Festival occasions are made special by lighting candles, and light can be used to create experiences.

Similarly to the ears which have two tasks, to hear and to regulate the sense of balance, the eyes also have other tasks besides seeing. The eyes play a role in controlling even the human hormonal system. The hormones influence the way our body functions and also regulate our moods.

The modern man spends a large part of the day inside, in rooms where the colour scheme of the decoration often is subdued and colourless and where the lighting conditions are static, thus depriving him from the impulses of various colours and lights. However, the eye looks for light and follows it, and various lighting solutions imitating natural light bring pleasure and relaxation.

Lighting technology makes it possible to implement extremely variable and dynamic lighting solutions in different areas. Colour intensity can be adjusted, similarly to the colour temperature. By means of artificial lights, we can create various effects imitating the nature, such as fire flames, northern lights, twinkling stars and therapeutic lighting.